7 reasons why you should sign up for TeamBuild 2014

Do you want to have a go at TeamBuild 2014? There are so many reasons to be part of this fantastic construction industry event so don’t be shy…put your entry form in! Take a look below and remind yourself why being part of TeamBuild 2014 is such a great opportunity and register before our deadline, which is 30 August 2014. Don’t miss out!

1. CPD

teambuild 2014

TeamBuild 2014 is the best CPD (Continual Professional Development) exercise there is. It is recognised by all building institutions as equal to four days CPD and it is an impressive addition to your skills

2. Insight & Knowledge

You’ll gain an impressive insight into the running of large scale development projects and you will be able to use this knowledge when you have other development projects you need to complete

3. Communication

You’ll be able to use, and improve upon, your presentation, leadership and communication skills

4. Trust and Delegation

You’ll be working alongside teammates, which means you’ll need to trust your colleagues and develop delegation skills to ensure your team is successful in their endeavours during the TeamBuild 2014 event

5. Interdisciplinary Working

To do well in TeamBuild, it is important to appreciate the value of interdisciplinary working – by pulling together with your team, this will come naturally, and with every part of the process, you will see why it is important

6. Creating Connections

TeamBuild is also great for building valuable connections and improving your networks that will stay with you throughout your career. Being part of TeamBuild 2014 also gives you the unique opportunity to meet many eminent figures from the construction industry so be sure to tap into their knowledge and experience

7. Confidence

Your confidence will soar! You’ll learn so much and be exposed to so many new ideas and people that your abilities and opportunities can only get bigger and better

We’re sure that by now, you are raring to enter! Simply register yourself or team by 30 August 2014 to start your TeamBuild 2014 journey, but don’t forget to tell your manager in the first instance as there is an entry fee for successful finalists and this usually comes from a company’s training budget.

If you are worried that you don’t have a team, don’t be! We can help you in the later stages if you need it. But, if you would like to look at pulling a team together for TeamBuild 2014, take a look within your company, as you could find the diverse set of skills you need for the competition are right beside you. If you need some help, ask your manager to put you in touch with different areas within your organisation; look at architects, designers, engineers, contractors and surveyors as others within your organisation might be looking too. The challenges of TeamBuild 2014 need different skills, so make sure you really think about your team and who could be part of it.

Good luck – register today via the green square at the top of the page and let’s get TeamBuild 2014 underway.

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