And the winners are…

Announcing the winners of the Teambuild 2020 online competition 

The prestigious UK construction industry competition Teambuild took place this year online in the first ever virtual competition to be held by the charity. 

The event, which took place from 20th November 2020 to 14th December, marked the 31st year of the competition and was the first ever online event, held in response to the challenges posed by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With prizes sponsored by WCC and WCCA, the annual event this year saw competitors taking on challenges which face many construction industry professionals, particularly in time of coronavirus restrictions.

Three tasks were based around a major development site by St Edward Homes Ltd called Green Park Village which is located to the west of Reading. 

The winning team this year were JT2 and team members included: Team leader Thomas Cunningham and Tobias Mackrill, both of Hawkins Brown and Katherine Dauncey of BDP and Clare Timpani of Motionspot.


The site layout of Green Park Village near Reading which was the competition project this year.

The site layout of Green Park Village near Reading which was the competition project this year.


“It was certainly a challenging year, and we applaud those dedicated professionals who took time to undertake what were thought-provoking tasks in our online event this year,” says Teambuild UK Chair of Trustees, Patricia Newton. “We do understand how much pressure they face and were absolutely delighted that this event went ahead and that committed new professionals have benefited from the training and expertise that Teambuild has to offer, despite the difficulties we as an industry have faced this year.”

“In many ways the challenge of preparing remote presentations without face-to-face engagement reflected the ongoing difficulties involved in communication within the construction industry as a result of COVID-19,” says Richard Brindley who chairs the Teambuild Working Party. “As always the challenges are realistic and it makes sense this year that participants face the additional challenges of communicating and preparing materials which can be shared through virtual channels. The event also remains a valuable way to connect and network with colleagues from different companies, disciplines and with leading figures in the industry, and that is a particularly beneficial part of our offering in these disconnected times.” 

Tom Cunningham of Hawkins Brown,  leader of the winning team JT2 said: “We really enjoyed the opportunity to work as a team on our entry. We believe that collaboration with stakeholders is vital to the success of all architecture projects and we are thrilled this has been recognised by Teambuild 2020. Thank you!”

The Trustees would also like to thank The Manley Trust, the CIBSE, the CIOB, the CET and Future Designs for supporting the competition.

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