Everything you need to know about TeamBuild 2014

Well, after months of planning, preparation and picking, TeamBuild 2014 is finally happening! November is our month and it all starts on the 14th through to the 16th – and for those lucky finalists who have been selected, here is a handy breakdown of everything you need to know about the event…

Where and when

lane end conference centre buckinghamshire

TeamBuild 2014 will be held at the Lane End Conference Centre in Buckinghamshire. We advise that you allow time for Friday traffic on the M4O when travelling to the centre and to check if there are any traffic announcements from where you are travelling from. The process commences on Friday 14th November in the afternoon and ends on Sunday 16th November in the afternoon.

What you need to bring

teambuild14 finalists

1. Please ensure you bring any prep work with you – notes, research and ideas

2. It is more than likely that you will need to sketch so bring an abundance of pens, pencils and tracing paper with you. Colour also makes presentations stand out so think about bringing coloured pencils and pens to spice up your diagrams, drawings and charts

3. Printer – we strongly recommend that you bring a small printer with you as if you need to print anything, you are responsible for doing so

4. Calculator – a handy accessory

5. You may want to bring a few technical books that are relevant to your project, but remember, the challenges are fast paced and you may not have a lot of time to look for information

6. Wear professional and smart ‘business’ clothing to impress the judges. You will also need an outfit for the Saturday night dinner

7. The venue has a pool and a gym, which you may have time to use so bring appropriate pool/gym gear if you want to use the facilities

8. Bring your business cards! TeamBuild offers the perfect opportunity for networking and making useful contacts amongst your peers

We will also be tweeting throughout the event so keep your eye out for key information as it happens (including being amongst the first to know when tea and cakes are replenished!)

A few words of advice


Being a finalist on TeamBuild is a fantastic opportunity and we are confident that you will gain so much from being part of our event. You will meet new people and gain contacts; you’ll test your skills to their limits and learn new ones too. We want you to enjoy this experience so remember to:

1. Be positive – remember that you are here because you were chosen on the basis of your skills, personality and ideas. We know you are great, you need to know it to

2. Work together as a team – always remember that you are part of a wider team and you all have different talents and skills to bring to the project. If you pull together, support and help each other, you will have a positive experience and better chance of success

3. Think outside the box – being part of TeamBuild gives you the perfect opportunity to look at different ideas, approaches and styles so don’t be afraid to look beyond your normal parameters and try something new

4. Have fun! Most importantly, enjoy this experience! It’s a once in a lifetime chance, so have lots and lots of fun

We look forward to seeing all our finalists on the day – and for those of you who haven’t entered this year, are you inspired? Keep your eyes peeled for next year’s competition announcement – don’t miss out!

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