Paddington: 2014 site for Teambuild 2014


In 2014 TeamBuild was delighted to be given permission to base that year’s competition on a major Land Securities scheme to add an extra 1400 to 1600 m2 GFA to three existing buildings at 10, 20 and 30 Eastbourne Terrace, adjacent to Paddington Station. Click here to see more about this project.

Procurement and Risk was clearly going to be a major issue on such a complex undertaking.

We prepared the following Stage 3 question for teams to answer in 2 hours following which two team members presented their findings in role play presentations to the client’s Audit committee.

Stage 3 – Procurement / Risk
The Head of the Client’s Audit Committee is reviewing Procurement and Risk procedures on all of their major projects as part of an internal assurance review following an analysis of previous projects that identified serious failings with the procurement process and risk management procedures.

Prepare a presentation for the Committee to give them assurance that this project will be better managed in terms of Procurement and Risk and demonstrate:

1. The overall procurement strategy and process for bringing onboard each member of the Project Team and the timeframe for procurement mapped along the project timeline.

2. How you propose to offset risk to each party and to the project.

You should consider:

  • The variety of contractual arrangements for their appointment – pros and cons
  • Programme for procurement
  • Risk Management Strategy / Risk Register
  • Maintaining Audit Committee’s confidence throughout project.

Send us your response to this question and we will give you feedback! – Also earn CPD hours!

The Land Sec project is opposite the Elizabeth Line station designed by Weston Williamson, who kindly supplied this image of the new station.

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