Getting in touch with Old Friends….


Are you Teambuild Alumni?

In celebration of our 21st year of competition we have recently begun to get back in touch with past competitors and are finding out ‘where are they now’. We have been delighted by the response! If you took part in the competition and have a story to tell or would like to keep in touch, please contact us or join our LinkedIn group to keep up to speed with new developments!

Past competitors have gone on to gain promotion and recognition within the industry, working in countries such as Australia, Canada, UAE and Hong Kong, as TeamBuild has positively impacted on their careers. Past participants have gained high profile roles in Carillion, Wates, and directorships at HOK, AECOM and other international firms.

Over the years there are have been so many occasions where participants have gained valuable insights, expertise and connections that have impacted on their actual careers. In one recent instance a participant was made redundant just one week before the competition, but took part anyway. Their team excelled, demonstrating exceptional skills in the industry, leading to the company in question then re-employing the participant.

Similarly, Julia Ratcliffe, one of the Directors of ‘Expedition Engineering’ took part in TeamBuild fifteen years ago and now enthusiastically sends her employees along to participate.

But why not hear it direct from our alumni- here are some of their memories of Teambuild over the years.

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