Judges Tales: The worst perfect presentation we have ever seen…

Richard Schofield, FRICS, Trustee

In the last 30 years that Teambuild has been running, our judges have had some memorable experiences. In this month’s recollection Richard Schofield FRICS Hon, FAPM, MD for Rider Hunt Management Services recalls a skillfully executed presentation which left the judges both impressed and very amused at the same time.


Please note that if you misssed our  free Procurement workshop, Richard designed this and will give feedback on responses.


Role Play par Excellence! 


An important part of the Teambuild experience is the participation in “role play” when two members of each team get to present their work and take questions at the end of each stage in front of two or three Judges who may be taking on the roles of client, investor, neighbours etc. We try to simulate a real-life situation and judges are encouraged to pose questions to “put the competitors on the spot” (But never to embarrass).

It’s a great way of boosting confidence and learning new skills in a non-threatening environment, and the feedback the teams receive is especially valuable. We do see a lot of nervousness at the start, as expected, but we see confidence increasing over the course of the weekend.  

One Q&A session stands out in my mind. Many years ago I was judging Stage 3, Procurement, with a fellow institute judge. We had a very good presentation from two young men, both Surveyors I think and at the end of their 8-minute presentation we posed them with quite a tough question. 

Their response was amazing; well-considered, impeccably delivered with absolute confidence and professionalism, but unfortunately, technically, complete and utter BS!!  How my fellow judge and I managed to keep in our “roles” without cracking up I’ll never know. We managed to keep it in until they left the room! 

Their performance truly deserved an Oscar! We did see them afterwards during feedback and corrected their ”technical shortcomings,” but couldn’t help congratulating them on keeping so cool, respectful, and professional and almost convincing!!! 

Richard Schofield FRICS, Trustee


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