New report: How Teambuild advances the careers of participants

Teambuild report: Building Skills for the Future

Here at Teambuild we have great pleasure in sharing our new report “Building Skills for the Future”. 

Based on initial research work by Alex McLaren, our former Director of Education, this research was completed with the assistance of Invennt Ltd, one of our industry partners, and in conjunction with our valued co-sponsor the Commercial Education Trust.

The study provides detailed insights into how Teambuild has advanced the careers of participants and which skills it has enhanced.

It is immensely gratifying to see this clear evidence of the advantages that participation in a Teambuild competition gives to our alumni/alumnae in their subsequent careers in our sector. 

The report also highlights some of the specific areas where that advantage is most keenly felt: especially around inculcating an understanding of inter-disciplinary collaboration, and building confidence in young professionals as to how to interact with their peers, their managers, their clients and their stakeholders.

Here at Teambuild, we feel confident that these skills and competencies are especially valuable in the hugely challenging times ahead that our sector now faces.

We would very much value the feedback of those within our sector. Please click on the link below to download a copy of the report and do email us with your thoughts and comments.




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