Student Event at London South Bank University

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We’re delighted to announce another student competition! This will be held at LSBU- London South bank University- over the weekend of 18-19th October.

Are you an LSBU student? Want to register for this fantastic opportunity? EMAIL US NOW at


This is an optional 2-day event run over the weekend in conjunction with our generous industry contacts in London. Students who sign up will be allocated to multi-disciplinary teams and asked to complete a series of tasks based around a real construction project- from Masterplan, outline design and procurement, to Construction- in a 48-hour period. It will be fast and furious -!- and prizes will be awarded to the top teams.

This will be excellent experience for your careers and also a good note on the CV- Teambuild is an established Industry competition for young professionals, and this is the first time the student version of the competition has been run in England. Everyone who takes part will be offered a site visit to a multi-million pound construction site as part of their experience, and lots of networking contact with professionals from international companies working in all parts of the Industry.

We are seeking students from Architecture, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction management, Planning/Real Estate, Surveying, Services Engineering, Sustainability, and associated courses. Places are limited, so sign up soon!


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