A message from our chair: Why we need Teambuild more than ever

As we look ahead to a post COVID world and come to terms with the impact that the
pandemic has had on the construction industry and the wider world in general, our Chair
Patricia Bessey has these thoughts to share.


Patricia Newton. Chair of Trustees of the construction industry charity event Teambuild and founder and Operations Director at EngineRoom consultancy (www.engineroom.company)


The foundations of Teambuild are set on the principles of collaboration. It’s about the bringing together of individuals from different Professions and Services to work together to identify and find solutions to everyday problems that we encounter in the construction industry.


We know that video meeting software such as Zoom and Teams have filled in part of the gap which has resulted in so many of us working from home during this year of global pandemic. But, there is no substitute for personal interaction with other team members when trying to solve problems or to innovate.


Creative thinking comes from being “in the moment”… a small spark of an idea that bounces around a room igniting ideas that can come thick and fast. As we slowly emerge from Lockdown and Zoomland, we will all need to re-learn how to “read” a room and to understand the psychology of physical meetings. It’s also about learning how to trust the advice of others and developing interpersonal skills which will be required throughout one’s personal life.


This is why Teambuild is more important than ever as we emerge from our home offices and begin to step back out into a world of face-to-face interactions or to adapt to a hybrid of collaborative techniques, both real and virtual, which all bring their own advantages and challenges.


Through being faced with challenges of real projects, in the company of fellow professionals from a diverse range of disciplines, backgrounds and companies, our participants gain valuable communication and collaborative skills which can be honed and strengthened and then used to powerful effect in all areas of life.


If you would like to get more involved in Teambuild 2021, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at admin@teambuilduk.com or take a look around our website for more information.

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